Just Google Me*

Just Google Me*

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Stationary stores now sell a small package of faux “business cards” that are pre-printed with the words “Just Google Me” or “Google Me.” Here is an example:

As a response, a group of designers at our workshop produced and distributed business cards with the following text.


Just Google Me*


*But now that all the search results are personalized I can’t be sure you’ll see my name. Please try to get a non-personalized result. You could have set the “Do Not Track” flag but it’s usually ignored. Maybe use DuckDuckGo? Or log out of your Google Account first. Remember, don’t Google from where you live if you’re using your mobile phone. How about you make sure you have cookies turned off and switch to incognito mode. For this to work it would be better if you hadn’t clicked “like” on that Taylor Swift post. You could log out of everything to be safe. Also, Google will still hide tracking data in the links, so don’t click on any of the search results: copy the displayed link and paste it into another browser window. Everything should be in HTTPS. Actually, a Tor browser would be best. Ideally I’d run a live (read-only) operating system like Tails. Did you set your domain name server to a secure third party? (Hopefully not Google’s?) You should run a DNS leak test. Your cable company or phone carrier could still track you though. Oh and always clear your browser cache afterwards.(auditingalgorithms.science, CC BY 4.0 2017)

Printed as business cards ordered from VistaPrint:

We release this text and the card design under a Creative Commons license.